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Fibre Extend Services

Point to Point

Connect two locations with one wireless bridge
Robust, dedicated, stationary high bandwidth coverage

Point to Multipoint

Extend the reach of your network to multiple locations
Reliable wireless coverage with flexible bandwidth allotment

Fibre in Motion

Mobile wireless bandwidth coverage
For both Land & Sea

At Maresco our team understands that IT communication is everything to your business and it’s critical processes. With the number of devices & systems needing to connect to your network at times the ability to securely and reliably extend the reach of that network can be imperative. When wireless connectivity is required, whether for a secondary office down the street or for underserved areas and remote locations & communities beyond the reach of existing infrastructure, Wireless Bridges provide a secure & reliable solution.

Maresco’s Fibre Extend Solutions consist of 3 technologies: wireless point to point, wireless point to multi point & fibre in motion. These are carrier grade solutions which will provide everything that conventional fibre & hardwired connections can; high speed data, video & voice all over the same robust, reliable & seamless wireless bridge. This technology enables last mile connectivity at data speeds ranging from 10 Meg to 1 GIG in both stationary and mobile formats. These solutions are expertly engineered, & reliably operate in a variety of difficult situations including harsh weather, congested spectrums and non line-of-sight situations. This service can be used as a new main connection, or replacement of existing T1’s & leased lines or it can be used to compliment your existing service; either way the return on investment is second to none. Your link would be designed to meet your specific needs & deployed & tested by our experienced field technicians. Working with Maresco Telecom Group means you are always in good hands; on going management & maintenance is available through our Technical Assistance Center & Network Support Agreements with 24/7 remote monitoring, emergency response, yearly inspections & spare equipment pools & storage.

When you need to connect a network between two or more locations or in a hard to reach area, or you need mobile or temporary connectivity we have the solutions to meet those unique challenges.

In situations where conventional fiber & hardwired connections are not readily available, or are cost or time prohibitive, high speed & high data bandwidth Wireless Bridges are the perfect alternative.

Expand your network utilizing one of our Fibre Extend solutions.

Wireless Point to Point

What if you were able to extend your existing data infrastructure to another building? What if it could create a new or collaborate with another key network wirelessly and securely in an adjacent structure & provide internal access to all your systems & records from one location to another. A point-to-point wireless connection can make this happen. Through a wireless link all high speed data, video & voice, such as security cameras, building access controls and IP phone systems, can be shared quickly, reliably and securely.

Imagine the possibilities if you could extend the power of your internal networks; productivity will soar, but your budget won’t. Maresco can make this happen.

Wireless Point to Multi Point

With a point to multi-point system, data can be wirelessly sent from one central location to multiple locations. And since the requirements for one operation can vary from another, the amount of data allocated to each location can be changed and allotted remotely. Now that’s smart. These wireless links can provide last-mile broadband access with connectivity to remote locations & long-range wireless backhaul solutions for various sites. Ideal for corporate or educational campuses, distribution centres, multiple trailers on large mining or construction sites & outdoor venues; anywhere there are multiple users & locations requiring wireless data.

Fiber in Motion

A fibre in motion system provides high-speed broadband connectivity between base stations & vehicles & vessels on the move. This solution enables wireless connectivity for your full operations; inside & out & across your entire facility within a designated coverage area, land & sea.

Voice, video & data are delivered via high capacity mobile units mounted in vehicles and vessels in motion. This provides increased field communications & situational awareness assuring service continuity & improved safety & security. Vehicle monitoring & telemetry, data collection & video can all streamline operations & maintenance procedures. Real time on board services such as internet access, customer information & advertising all add to employee productivity & the customer experience.

The potential for improved safety & operational efficiency is indisputable; manufacturing, shipping & transportation, mining & oil, tourism, emergency services & cities & municipalities could all receive substantial benefit from a fibre in motion solution.

We know how to design, install & manage all aspects of your network.



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