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Maresco Networks & Unified Communications

Connectivity & Communication Across Your Organization’s Network – Critical Integration & Collaboration of Your Whole IT Infrastructure

In today’s world, communication is everything & Maresco Telecom Group is all about keeping businesses’ & organizations’ communication networks on the leading edge & running smoothly

Although networks today typically have the same common physical elements & equipment, each network infrastructure is unique & is specialized for the business it supports. For over 15 years Maresco has designed & installed a wide range of networks & IT infrastructure & continues to manage & support them ongoing.

In our connected world numerous business processes, devices & systems now rely on a Network Backbone. This critical piece of your network connects the data from all of your IP phones & devices, Wi-Fi access points, servers, IP lighting, sensors, access controls & cameras etc. to the Internet. With Maresco you have a partner that will design an indoor or outdoor Wi-Fi network that provides robust wireless coverage exactly where you need it. When you partner with us we will be an integral part of your project; from the planning stages, through the install process and then to provide ongoing support to keep your organization connected.

Maresco provides its own Authentication Gateway & it is currently used by some of today’s largest landlords. In a student residence, hotel or extended care facility, for example, there may be multiple users & devices wanting to access the network; Maresco’s system can authenticate individual users and/or devices and securely manage the access and usage. This system can also facilitate revenue generation & be used as a marketing tool for the property owner. Our Technical Assistance Center can monitor & maintain the network 24/7 supporting the customers’ user experience.

You focus on your core business & leave your IT needs to us.

We know how to design, install & manage all aspects of your network.



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